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This wiki is for self-analysis and troubleshooting of all Mayah products. If your problem won´t be answered in our wiki, please create a new thread at our free ticket system Mantis

Please choose between the following Chapters:

For our German Speaker, wie got some information round about our Codecs C11 and Sporty. For further information, please check the following website: German Speaker Information

Important Notes

Updates from version less) to version higher) requires an additional update step to versions between or Example: If you have version and want to update to version, you have to update first to version (available in the corresponding [^] folder).

The firmware includes a web-remote suitable for virtually any platform, OS or browser. However, we strongly recommend to use Firefox browser for the best experience. The web-remote is based on pure HTML/JS/CSS. No Java required, but please ensure that Javascript is allowed in your web-browser and not blocked by any browser settings or extensions. Please note that some functions of the web-remote are dependent on a web page refresh. Please give the web-remote a time for refresh. E.g. when creating a new codec profile and choosing the right combination of bit rate, algorithm etc.

### The following method should be ONLY used on C11xx, Sporty or FMII if the device couldn't be started or updated any more: It's possible to reinitialize (including factory reset and deleting all keycodes!) the whole device by copying the firmware version (available in the corresponding [^] folder) to an USB stick and rename this version on that USB stick to “create_new_system.upd”. Please note that the file should not be write protected. If the USB stick is connected during system startup the whole onboard flash will be reinitailized and the firmware will be installed. This will take round about 5 minutes. Older devices doesn't support this method. If the boot loader on this device supports this method, you will see LED activity or some filled rectangle on the display during reinitialisation time.

Please install after the whole reinitialization the Maintenance Release version!

Please open a support report if new keycodes are needed after this procedure.

Release Candidate

Release Candidate versions improves the operation or provides additional functionality. These versions are available here:

Download Server

You can reach our download server here:

Maintenance Release

Maintenance Release versions will be available on

MAYAH SIP and STUN server

  • MAYAH SIP server ( and
  • MAYAH STUN server ( are not always available!

Please choose another reliable server! Perhaps you can create your own free accounts on [^] and use this SIP server ( instead of the MAYAH SIP server. STUN server need not to be used on!

Answering Machine

If the “mayah-command-scripts.txt” file exists in the root directory of a USB stick and this stick is plugged in on a Mayah codec, the commands of this file will be executed immediately.

The executed instructions are logged to the file “mayah-command scripts.txt.log”. This process is indicated by the ALARM LED: Starts ALRAM this process, when the process is finished the LED is inverted and reset and the USB stick can be removed.

If this file is empty, the following commands are executed implicitly:

  • sys_serial ?
  • sys_version ?
  • 1$ip_address ?
  • 1$ip_netmask ?
  • 1$ip_gateway ?
  • 1$ip_dnsserver ?
  • 2$ip_address ?
  • 2$ip_netmask ?
  • 2$ip_gateway ?
  • 2$ip_dnsserver ?

With the mechanism described above, the IP configuration can be determined.

If you want to assign a fixed IP address, that can be done with the IP commands above by replacing the question marks with the corresponding addresses.

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